Annie Lennox Responds To Yoram Dori’s Open Letter

Lennox responded to the open letter written to her in the Jerusalem Post by Yoram Dori, a senior adviser to Israel’s President Shimon Peres. The singer tells readers at her blog at MySpace (@annielennox):

From my perspective, peace and security comes with dialogue, not bullets and bombs, and therefore I make no apology for being a leading member of the voice of reason, in opposition to this senseless war. I have taken this position asa humanitarian and as a mother. I cannot stand seeing children killed. I cannot stand seeing families shattered. I want this to end, and only a permanent ceasefire will achieve this.

A peaceful future for Israelis and Palestinians is possible, but it is being made impossible by this war. War is not the way to solve this conflict, and all it is doing is sewing the seeds of hatred and anger on both sides of the fence and fueling further misery, which is likely to find expression in another round of conflict.

I am not alone in my views, and my position is supported by a cross-spectrum of communities in Britain including my Jewish and Israeli friends. Mr Dori,for your information, I too have friends and family in Israel, and want to see them safe and secure, in the same way that I want human rights protection for the citizens of Gaza.

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2 thoughts on “Annie Lennox Responds To Yoram Dori’s Open Letter

  1. bubba reeves says:

    Annie Lennox cut the crap!. You cannot have dialogue when one party [Hamas] refuse to accept the others [Israels] very existence.!!
    Israel made peace with Egypt, peace with Jordan, is talking to Syria [indirectly], talking to Fatah [directly] an Israeli, Hamas want me dead, plain and simple,DEAD! by your perverted logic I should talk to my potential executioner. For every tragic lost life in Gaza the blame goes to Hamas and your ilk who try to intellectualize and justify hate!! Where were you wonderful British when the RAF bombed Dresden, you did it because you ,yourselves were being bombed!!!Your hypocrisy knows no bounds.

  2. Jerry says:

    You may not be anti Israel, but you are naive. Israel is under constant attack and when they are attracted the world is quiet, but when they stand up and defend themselves, they are condemned. Israel will allow any aid to be sent, they ask only that it comes through them so they are sure it’s not parts for more missals to rain down on children of Israel. What Turkey is doing is a sham designed to bring more world condemnation on Israel.
    Wake up, they are at war and every time they back down, they are attacked with more force. God bless them for what they are doing to survive.

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