Annie Lennox Sounds Off On TV Singing Competition “Sausage Factory”

Geoff Lloyd of Absolute Radio in London spoke to legendary songstress Lennox about her new Christmas album, called ‘A Christmas Cornucopia’. The singer also discusses her involvement with Nelson Mandela’s 46664 campaign and voiced her disdain for reality singing television competitions. “Let’s just not go on that,” Annie said when Geoff suggested from now on the Christmas #1 in the UK will be an ‘X Factor’ track. “You want my opinion on this, I’ll tell you. What makes me depressed, and it does sadden me actually, is that wonderful, wonderful shows like Jules Holland, and back in the day ‘The Old Grey Whistle Test’, which was absolutely amazing, and ‘Top of the Pops’, there were so many music programs. Real music programs with real individual bands and artists that hadn’t gone through the sausage factory of this trial by jury that’s either you’re wonderful your wonderful or the humiliation factor. The whole thing stinks to me.”

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