Another Bowling Alley Outing For Justin And Cameron

Us Weekly reports Cameron Diaz and star made a return visit to PINZ bowling alley in San Fernando Valley, California on October 29th. The pair had one of their first dates at the establishment. “Justin would try to fluster Cameron with silly things like making faces or funny noises,” a witness revealed. “He couldn’t do it! She was really determined to beat him!” Unfortunately for the actress, her highest game was 140, while Justin’s was 162. In between their competitiveness, the couple “would take little breaks, and she would sit in his lap and they would kiss,” according to the source. The pair left promising to return, and in the meantime, PINZ has give the couple side-by-side personalized lockers.

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8 thoughts on “Another Bowling Alley Outing For Justin And Cameron

  1. angelgurl12 says:

    I do not want to hear anymore crap about them two break up already . they do not belong together at all . Justin should be with someone his own age.

  2. Britneyfan4life says:

    I agree with you angelgurl12. they do not belong together at all. she is using him and he is just flirting with other girls. so that is not a match made in heaven.

  3. popnicklover says:

    I like Cameron but I really wish she would’ve gotten with someone else…they don’t belong together! She and Justin are trying to be Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher. It’s sickening. Now Demi and Ashton make a cute couple, but Cameron and Justin DO NOT! And Justin is gay so he should just come out of the closet already and find some nice guy to date.

  4. imlovinit says:

    Justin and Cameron is a disgusting topic, plain and simple. He can find a normal woman. But then again, I still believe this is all publicity. If they got pictures of them the first time they were there, how come they can’t prove it now? And the first time they were there, it looked like the copied and pasted Cameron into the picture, and what the hell was she wearing? You don’t wear crap like that ever, but especially not when bowling. Okay, I’ve said my peace.

  5. Jive says:

    These two are the most boring couple in Hollywood. Is there anything interesting about the two besides them showing up in a bowling alley or Cameron in one of Justin’s concert? Enough with them already. People are just fed up with couples flirting with each other, hugging and kissing. Stop posting such stupid stories that doesn’t have to do with music!

  6. myhead says:

    I have nothing against them as a couple (they aren’t having affairs or breaking up marriages) BUT I do find that most magazines are silly. Why are they reporting something that happened almost a month ago.

  7. getalifeyall says:

    Any true fan of Justin’s (like myself) should be happy he’s with someone who makes him smile. Who cares if she’s older (by 9 years not 10, do the math)? You guys don’t actually think you have a chance with him do you? You need to get over yourselves, find something better to do than bring happy people down and move on.

  8. jenblade says:

    They are so disgusting, overacting, lack of attention. they just both using each other for publicity. she is too old and wrinkled, I admit she’s a good actress, but she’s not hot and not pretty at all. and Justin is a male whore, he had a lot of girls after Britney and before you Cameron. He was really hurt a lot that s why he go for her.He just need somebody to babysit him, and you could be all of that, a mama, a girlfriend a grandmother too.Justin’s mother look more younger than you are, Cameron. wake up!

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