Another Britney Spears Vs Christina Aguilera Article

Contributed anonymously:

I am writing this article because I feel the need to voice my opinion since tons of other people do.

It seems a lot of the fans ALWAYS use the same things… Oh Christina won a Grammy. So what? Britney has won AMAs, EMAs, VMAs, Billboard Awards, and a lot more than Christina. And also a Grammy isn’t the greatest thing in the world.. Really want to be honored? How about a star on the walk of fame?

Oh here’s a biggie.. Christina fans seem to say Christina didn’t do the kiss for publicity.. Okay prove me wrong then.. how come in the Blender magazine article she said all this stuff about MTV that “typical MTV didn’t show MY kiss, but they had to show Justin Timberlake’s expression instead” oh yeah so isn’t Christina just saying right there she wanted them to air her kiss? Why? Oh let me see maybe its because she thought she’d get publicity or else if she wasn’t trying to get publicity then why’d she get upset?

Let’s range the sales. Now I will admit I am not one to look up sales but I know for a fact Britney has sold more copies of her CDs. Oh and even if i am wrong, Christina most certainly isn’t the most selling CD female… Shania Twain just got an award for most selling female ever with over 10 million copies sold the past 3 albums.. Beat that Christina.

Yes you fans say Christina has a better voice, well Britney has a better uh let’s see how can I put it.. Star image or stage presence. Unlike Christina who literally tries to draw attention to herself and just proves she is very Dirrty and slutty.

What’s next for Christina? Posing nude for a Virgin Mobile Phone Ad? Selling a tape of her drunk, naked, and all over 3 male strippers??
HaHa what a joke.

I am very ashamed to be from Christina’s hometown: Wexford, PA.

I thank musicman a lot for posting this and thank you for reading!

PS. Don’t hate me just because I speak my mind and tell it the way I feel it is… since your idol does it all the time.. Then so can I. Thanks.

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2 thoughts on “Another Britney Spears Vs Christina Aguilera Article

  1. Lexa says:

    Must we keep bickering over this? I’m just going to set this straight. Britney is a performer, Christina is a singer. That is why Brit has the VMAs and such things, while Christina has the Grammys. And, if you haven’t noticed, Christina only has 3 albums, of course she would have less record sales. They’ve both had their share of scandal, so just let it go. They’re both talented in their own ways.

  2. joey says:

    yeah the Britney Spears Christina Aguilera debate has become pretty tired, but of course she wanted the VMA publicity, as did Britney & Madonna

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