Another Fan Meets Kevin Richardson

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A fan met Kevin Richardson at one of his shows of ‘Chicago’. She goes on to say that she was so proud of him and he did a great job. Then going to Virgin Megastore and seeing Backstreet Boys CDs lined up everywhere. Read on for a full review of her chance of seeing Kevin Richardson.

(Source: Nickybaby)

Here’s what Nickybaby had to say about her evening with Kevin on “Chicago”: “WOW! What a night! I had a blast! Kev was so good in the show. I was so proud I was getting teary eyed. After the show he came outside and signed and took pics. There were only about 10 people outside waiting and it was so cold!!! I told him he did a great job and I was proud of him. He was so sweet and thanked me for coming out. I can’t believe I now have my picture with Kevin before getting my picture with Nick. LOL (I’m still working on that. Maybe next week.)

Guess who I saw during the intermission? I was walking in the lobby and John Norris walked right passed. Guess he was checking out Kev’s performance.

After I left the show, I was freezing my butt off so I decided to go to the Virgin Store in Times Square. I was so excited when I went over to the singles area and found Nick’s “I Got You” on the shelf!!! WOOHOO!!! (I had ordered it on eBay a while back and the order was cancelled because I was told Jive wasn’t releasing it until March.) Anyway, this is the one from Japan. It was $14.99!!! GRR….imports are a rip off!!! (but of course I had to get it )

Also, I’d like to point out that the Virgin store has a whole lot of BSB CD’s on the shelf. They have devoted several rows on the shelf to displaying MANY Millenniums, B&B, Backstreet Boys, Chapter Ones, and NONs. Seems to me they appear to be in high demand. No other artists have their CD’s displayed like that. I even walked over to the isle to check out the Nsync CD’s and they had 3 little spots devoted to their albums Celebrity and NSA (whereas BSB had about 20 spots.) Anyway…..made me smile!

Now I’m unwrapping my “I Got You” CD to finally see a clear version of the video. YAY!!!! Happy early Valentines to me! LOL”

Note from Serena: Happy Valentine’s Day from everyone at DLS! Whether you’re single or a couple, be sure to celebrate! Put on a BSB album, and let your evening be filled with love, and beautiful voices!

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