Another Lonely Valentine’s Day For Jennifer Love Hewitt

tells People magazine that she’s not looking forward to Valentine’s Day, and will probably work. But if she does have time off, she’s going to be with her mother’s Lonely Hearts Club. “We all get together and go out and try to do something fun,” Hewitt explained. She added that her ‘Ghost Whisperer’ costar Aisha Tyler, who is married, might just join them. “She very quickly has become my best friend,” J.Love said. “We are obsessed with each other to a point that’s ridiculous.”

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2 thoughts on “Another Lonely Valentine’s Day For Jennifer Love Hewitt

  1. ihatehilary says:

    Speaking of Aisha Tyler and Jennifer Love Hewitt, remember the black girl who used to be on Boy Meets World?? yeah, she always reminded me of a black J.Love.

  2. R Vaughan says:

    Hmmm….looks like history will repeat itself 3 years
    later….as JLH recently broke off a 3-year relationship
    and an engagement….

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