Another Mariah Carey Fan Site Closes

Another Australian based web site is closing. Like, is citing the singer not touring in Australia as a reason behind the move. They write, “A major factor for this decision is my extreme disappointment that Mariah will sadly not be coming to Australia for her upcoming tour. This is something I cannot understand. With the support that, & the strong Australian fan base have given Mariah over the years, I am hurt that that Australian fans are not treated equally as American, European or Asian fans, being overlooked for another tour. I am aware this is a management & label decision & in no way do hold Mariah responsible for this, I will continue to love & look up to her as always.”

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One thought on “Another Mariah Carey Fan Site Closes

  1. kristen says:

    i love you Mariah can you send me something cool on my and I have a website on freewebs it is beautiful krissy .com sign in but if you can’t just send me a question and ill tell you how to log in

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