Another Perspective Of Britney Spears Partying At A.D

Contributed by britney4ever:

This is another visitor, Ashley Gillard who shared ANOTHER story of meeting at A.D. in Los Angeles on Saturday! She writes, “I’ve just seen the article that Kirsten Storm wrote on WOB and I also was there that night and happened to bump into Britney I have done before, and I often bump in to her out and about in other popular night spots in LA… I don’t know if Kirsten has a problem with Britney but why the need to be ‘baffled’ Britney was nothing but polite and humble she danced on the dance floor with her friends, had a few drinks and seemed to be happy, in fact complete opposite to what was written!”

“Or at least the way she made her out to be… I said Hi to Britney and struck a conversation and here’s what was said: Me ‘so how are you coping with everything? so many new rumors since I seen you last’ Britney ‘That’s the reason I’m just hangin’ here you know gets me away from it all’ Me ‘Yeah, so you prepared to come back now?’ *pause* Britney ‘Yeah as soon as I recover from the partying *smirking* but honestly I’ve loved being normal for a change but I think I’m ready to get back to my career now I’m just dreading the early mornings!’ Me *laughing* ‘I bet!’ then one of her friends came over and we continued to shake our thang! on the dance floor where Britney didn’t just sway from side to side she had her hands in the air and she was enjoying her self although she’d had one too many drinks but still she danced as good as you’d expect from Britney Spears!”

“I just had to make this statement and defend Britney! sorry I offend anyone but it had to be said.”

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