Another Update On Mikalah Gordon Being Robbed & Assaulted

The following update was posted on ‘American Idol’ season four finalist Mikalah Gordon’s myspace earlier today:

To whom it may concern:

I want to clear the record on a few things that have been miscommunicated.

1. Mikalah was not raped.

2. Mikalah did not have anything of hers personally stolen, besides her pride, dignity and a huge fear for her life. Her friend had his cell phone, wallet (which had 5 bucks in it) and his car keys stolen.

3. Mikalah was accousted by only 1 guy. Her friend by another. 2 of the 4 present had guns.

4. Mikalah’s head was “slammed” into the ground by one of the men for looking at his face (i am told not to use the word smashed because it caused some controversy)

Mikalah is totally fine. Her and her friend that had it happen to them are still shaken by the event. Nothing is going to help them besides having their friends and family stick by them through this. In regards to Mikalah’s best friend Holly, who was present at the studio but not involved in this incident thankfully, we are sorry some facts were not correct.

Lets all stand by Mikalah while she recovers from this horrible incident. We will all be the rock she needs.

We Love you Meek!

Michelle & Tara

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