Anthony Callea’s Statement On Revealing He’s Gay

‘Australian Idol’ season two runner-up posted the following message to fans on his official web site following his revelation that he is gay:

Following speculation and reports in the media, I would like to make the
following statement about my private life:

Yes, I am gay. But I want it clear that I am proud, happy, comfortable
and confident in who I am. And I have no issue with my sexuality.

Things now feel right for me to share this part of my life. I am content.
I have been in a long-term relationship with my partner, Paul, who has
been by my side for the past two and a half years. Together we have the
love and support of our family, friends and peers.

I know some people may feel deceived or betrayed. I hope you can find
it within to understand that ‘coming out’ can be a very troubling, confusing,
and emotional time.

‘Coming out’ is a very personal experience, and anyone who has or will
go through this, will learn that we each handle it differently. We each
have our own stories.

For some, ‘coming out’ isn’t a big issue. For me it was. Others say
you should just be honest with yourself. Well, that is easier said than

It is a shame that because of recent speculation and gossip my private
life has become an issue. It is also a shame that this has had an effect
on the professional lives of others.

I would have liked to keep my private life just that, though not because
I was ashamed of who I am. It was purely a personal decision to keep the
things I have cherished most close to my heart. It was the only part of
my world I could keep to myself. It kept me sane, grounded and safe.

In my late teens, I had difficulty coming to terms with my sexuality.
Whether it was perceived family pressures, or the feelings of being a disappointment,
or of not meeting my own expectations, those first years were extremely

I hated myself. I would lock myself away from the world. I wouldn’t
speak to anyone. I thought there was something wrong with me and I couldn’t
escape it or fix it. There was a lot of confusion in trying to understand
who I was.

Only a year after ‘coming out’ to my parents came ‘Australian Idol’.
It was an opportunity of a lifetime to help achieve my dream. You can’t
ever imagine, nor prepare yourself, for the media onslaught involved in
a competition like this. It?s not a gradual learning experience. You are
literally thrown into the deep end and it is sink or swim. When I was first
asked if I was gay, I remember being scared, shocked, and intruded upon.
It was very confronting at the time and I wasn’t mentally prepared for

I lied, and for that, I’m sorry.

I wasn’t completely comfortable within my own skin. I had worked extremely
hard to get to where I was for many years and I wanted to be known as a
singer and a performer rather than the ‘gay contestant’. I was also concerned
with the consequences this may have had on my family and those close to

I’ve since had a great deal of time to learn about who I am and what
is important to me. Now, I want to continue doing what I do without restrictions
or barriers. I want you to see me for who I am along with what I do.

Many people have commented on the considerable amount of pain and hurt
in the songs of my album, ‘A New Chapter’. I guess my music was the bridge
to my soul, my emotion and my memory. So, it goes without saying, ‘A New
Chapter’ is a big part of me. I am extremely proud of this album and I
hope you feel and hear my story through it.

I have had such an amazing journey so far and have met some amazing
people along the way. And there is nothing better than getting out on stage
and performing live and having that magical connection with my audience.

I wouldn’t have the chance to share with you my music and my stories
without your support. Thank you to all my wonderful and loyal fans, the
media, and the Australian public, for allowing me to follow my dream.

Thank you also to my families at Sony BMG and my management team, Peppermint
Blue, for your ongoing support.

I’d also like to thank my family for their unconditional love and understanding,
and to Paul?s family, for letting me in. To my wonderful friends, you help
get me through the good and bad, the ups and downs. And of course, my Paul,
for eternity I love you.

Thank you for standing by me.


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