Antonella Barba Defended By Her Town’s Mayor

Point Pleasant native is being defended by the tiny town’s mayor, Martin Konkus. “I think it’s really unfortunate that someone is mean enough to try and tear an innocent girl down,” Konkus told the Newark Star-Ledger. “The whole thing is based on pictures that are speculative at best, and has made me stand by her with even greater force. It’s important her family know that she isn’t being criticized. Some of us are just not buying into it.” Meanwhile, her pal Amanda Coluccio said she speaks with the 20-year-old beauty scheduled to perform tonight on a daily basis. “Her parents are really concerned about the impact on her future, but I’m not,” Coluccio said. “I think everyone needs to step back and focus on the singing. Everyone’s so worried, but people need to have a little faith that she’ll get past this. The photos aren’t her, and it’s a shame what’s happening, but she’s going to be okay.”

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