Antonella Barba Had Warned ‘Idol’ About Racy Pics

On Thursday (March 8), Sabrina Sloan, Sundance Head, Jared Cotter and were booted off ‘American Idol’. They sat down with Access Hollywood to talk about leaving the show, their experiences and what’s next. Asked about the infamous photos that leaked online and what the ‘Idol’ producers had to say about it, Antonella admitted, “Well, they had already known about it because I had told them about pictures that had been taken that could come out and like there was no getting in trouble with ‘Idol’ itself because they knew about it the whole time. They were working to protect me against it.” When Jared was asked when he heard about it, he responded, “She actually ran to my room when she first heard it. We’re real good friends so it was really hard to deal with because she is such a good girl and those are her own private pictures. Nobody, especially millions of people around the world were supposed to see those pictures.”

‘Idol’ Exit Interviews With Antonella, Jarred, Sabrina & Sundance

March 10, 2007 – Sundance Head, Sabrina Sloan, Jarred Cotter, and took part in Q&A’s with Entertainment Weekly after their ouster from ‘American Idol’ on Thursday night. Asked if she plans on staying in Los Angeles to pursue offers in the entertainment industry, Barba responded, “I’d love to move to L.A. I hope there’s an opportunity for me here. I need to see what offers are out there on the table… I’m definitely willing to sort out the offers I get and figure out what’s best for me. I’d love to act, but singing is my ultimate goal.” Read more.

‘Good Day LA’ Recaps Idol, Talks With Sundance & Sabrina

March 9, 2007 – Dorothy Lucey of ‘Good Day LA’ recapped last night’s ‘American Idol’, which saw Sundance Head, Sabrina Sloan, Jarred Cotter, and get voted off. Later, Sundance and Sabrina visited the show via satellite to discuss their ouster, how they spoke with a psychiatrist afterwards, and of course their reaction to the Antonella picture scandal. Video at has since been removed.

Jersey Girl Barba Eliminated From ‘Idol’

March 8, 2007 – The Newark Star-Ledger weighed in on the news their local hero Antonella Barba’s run on ‘American Idol’ came to an end on Thursday night. The paper writes, “Antonella may not have liked the pictures’ unexpected release, but they quickly made her the most famous contestant this season. Between that notoriety, her looks, oodles of early screentime and the fervent support of, she seemed to have enough going for her to advance to the finals at the expense of a better singer.”

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