Antonella Barba Open To Offers… Maybe Even Playboy?

During a tightly controlled conference call with reporters on Friday, The Chicago Tribute reports ‘American Idol’ semi-finalist said she’d like to have an image in the future that is “more classy” than how she’s been portrayed in wake of her online photo scandal. Nevertheless, Barba didn’t entirely rule out posing for Playboy, though she did say that she had not been approached about that directly. At first she said, no, she wouldn’t pose for the magazine, but then a reporter asked if she would “absolutely not” ever appear in Playboy. “Right now I want to look at all the offers that I get,” Barba answered, which is why she’s going to stay in Los Angeles for a few weeks. “I’m definitely not opposed to [thinking about] other offers, whether it’s acting or modeling or something. I want to strike while the iron’s hot.” The story at has since been removed.

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