Antonella Barba Wreaks Havoc On Popdirt’s Server

Popdirt has had to disable some functions apparently due to search interest in ‘American Idol’ contestant and the controversy her nude photos and alleged explicit photos that have found their way on the web. Normally these kind of traffic spikes only occur when Britney Spears flashes her hoo ha, exposes a nipple or kisses Britney and Christina Aguilera – not with someone who nobody heard of only weeks ago. The discussion is burning up the ‘Idol’ boards for the beauty with the weak voice. Among the topics – karm1 writes, “First of all, let’s face it, she’s going to be voted off soon enough anyway. She’s just not that good. Secondly, my father is rolling over in his grave. He was WWII vet who fought one of the worst battles in the Pacific. To see those photos of her made me sick, along with a whole bunch of other families. The girl just has no morals or sense of decency, let alone any self-respect and accountability for her behavior. She needs to grow up, then she needs wake up. Maybe some bad publicity and getting kicked off a major television show will do it. Maybe not.”

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