Antony Costa Scores With Jordan

The Sun reports Blue star Antony Costa took busty model Jordan out for a Greek meal on Saturday night, but skipped the club scene afterwards, heading straight back to his place. “They had a really nice night,” a source said. “It must have gone well because they decided not to go out afterwards and headed back to his house. Antony is trying to go out as much as possible to get over his break-up from Lucy.” The boy band member has raised eyebrows for ditching girlfriend Lucy Bolster, who is seven-months pregnant with his child.

Boozy Blue Star Antony Costa Kicked Out Of Pub

January 19, 2004 – The Mirror reports Blue star Antony Costa and his mates got so out of control recently that they were kicked out of the New Crown pub in Southgate, London for pestering customers and screaming abuse at staff. “The manager asked the three of them to keep it down,” customer Shima Hossaini revealed. “They got really pissed off and were pretty drunk at this stage. Anthony started throwing chips around complaining that he didn’t like them. He was really stuck up.” The manager said: “Anthony was here. The bottom line is if you misbehave in our pub, it’s not going to be tolerated. He was misbehaving, so he had to go.”

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  1. Minxy says:

    She has more men than most people have hot dinners…she’s in this weeks OK magazine with her new boyfriend..that’s 8 in the past two months (or near enough)

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