Any Jacko Similarities Purely Coincidental Says Justin

*NSYNC star tells Michael D. Clark of the Houston Chronicle that similarities between his new image and Michael Jackson’s in the ’80s is coincidental. “I was lucky enough to grow up at a time when I could watch Michael (Jackson) and Madonna,” Timberlake says. “But on ‘Justified’ I think you’ll also hear the Eagles in the harmony and a lot of Stevie Wonder.”

Frat Suspended For Dressing Blackface As Jackson

November 1, 2002 – Knoxville News-Sentinel reports University of Tennessee fraternity Kappa Sigma has been suspended because of an incident last week in which white members painted their faces to look like the black pop group The Jackson Five. UT Vice President and Provost Loren Crabtree said the university might not choose to recognize the group even if the national Kappa Sigma organization reinstates the UT Lambda chapter.

“We will require the leaders and members of Kappa Sigma to demonstrate a commitment to uphold our expectations for civility, ethnic diversity and racial harmony,” Crabtree said.

Plans For To Star In Rush Hour 3

October 30, 2002 – Contributed by jillian: reports director Brett Ratner has suggested that there are definite plans to have Michael star in the film ‘Rush Hour 3’. The popular Jackie Chan/ Chris Tucker franchise has already proven most successful with its first two films, but now it seems Jackson is to take a role in the third installment. Rush Hour (1998) raked in $141 million at the American box office, while its sequel in 2001 took $206 million. Ratner said in a recent interview that he wanted Michael to be to ‘Rush Hour 3’ what Joe Pesci was to ‘GoodFellas’. ‘Rush Hour 3’, however, is unlikely to go into production until 2004, looking for an August 2005 release date.

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