Anya Marina Conflicted & Flustered By First Boob Signing Request

Anya Marina in a tank top

checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@anyamarina) on Thursday (July 9), offering a diary of her tour dates with The Virgins and a bunch of photos. On one of the stops, the singer songwriter tells readers:

Orlando, FL – The Social
The Virgins KILL in Orlando, playing one of their best shows of the tour. I take a couple of pictures and call the series “A De-Flowering at The Social.”

Also: today I have my first ever boob-signing request by a girl named Trisha. (My inner rockstar celebrates and my inner feminist raises an eyebrow…). I get so nervous signing that I actually write HER name on her own breast (which makes no sense) and to add insult to injury I misspell it “Tricia.”

Note to self: don’t use permanent marker when signing body parts.

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