Anya Marina Performs ‘All the Same to Me’

is featured on’s Breaking Blog, performing ‘All the Same to Me’, a track off the Los Angeles based indie pop artist’s second album ‘Slow & Steady Seduction: Phase II’. Marina also talked about working with Spoon’s Britt Daniel and Louis XIV’s Brian Karscig on the release, after meeting the pair during her prior work as a radio DJ in San Diego. “Brian and I did 10 songs in San Diego together,” she said. “He pushed me to yell and do stuff I hadn’t done before. Working with Britt was like working with myself. I think both of us are songwriters that are used to woodshedding alone so working together was pretty illuminating. We did a few songs together up in his house. It was the ideal workday: he totally gave me that space which is great, I’d wake, fry up an egg, make some tea, go to the basement for a while, break for lunch, do normal life stuff, come back home and finish up some stuff. He made me laugh so hard. I’d order him around, we’d laugh some more. Then we’d go out and see a show at night. It was like being married.”

The full story and performance at has since been removed.

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