Anya Marina Visits Britt Daniel Home

Anya Marina, currently on tour with the Virgins, got her Flip cam in tow and put together a video for Anya told the story of selling t-shirts of her urinating unicorn to a mysterious Canadian metal band. After borrowing an amp from Spoon’s Britt Daniel, she checked out his basement and the green frog/pig.

“Last night we were in Vancouver, Canada and played a place called Biltmore Caberet, and a group of tattooed, very inebriated individuals came up and asked if they could buy a bunch of unicorn t-shirts,” Anya explained. “It turns out they’re a metal band, so I could not be more excited that a mysterious, Canadian metal band is rocking my urinating unicorn t-shirt. That’s rich.”

Video at has since been removed.

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