AOL Sessions: David Archuleta

is featured in a live set on AOL Sessions, where the ‘American Idol’ season runner-up performed ‘My Hands’, ‘Crush’, ‘A Little Too Not Over You’, ‘Touch My Hand’, ‘My Hands’ and ‘You Can’. Archuleta also discussed if his songs change when performed live, what his tour plans are, who he was most excited to meet while on ‘Idol’, who he talks to about his ‘Idol’ experiences, if there’s a rivalry with David Cook, and what inspired him to want to sing. Check it out at YouTube.

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9 thoughts on “AOL Sessions: David Archuleta

  1. TRAVIS says:

    David is a good singer I just love his vice I hope he can come to Prince George BC at the CN Centre because I what to see him

  2. GG_doorsfan says:

    These sessions are stunning. They show just how fantastic David is singing live – straight up, no chasers needed.

    The guy is the real deal, and all who view these sessions should come away with a deeper respect for him as an artist.

  3. soozq says:

    David’s AOL Sessions performances are so passionate and heartfelt. He is an amazing artist with the most beautiful voice!

  4. hollyre says:

    These sessions just showcase David’s immense talent. His voice is divine, but the emotion he conveys when performing is amazing.

  5. P Nat says:

    Wow–What an incredibly talented young man. His voice has a way of moving my soul. He will be around for years to come. Long live David Archuleta!

  6. Karen says:

    David Archuleta is a true artist and his AOL Sessions show that he is the complete package!! I love them and am so amazed how each song takes on a new dimension when performed live. David is passionate about music and it shows in everything he produces.

  7. Lady Bug says:

    David’s AOL session is awesome. He sounds better than the CD. He has a talent that many do not possess. He has the ability to sound good live. Some have said that his voice is a musical instrument, which he has proven time and time. I knew that he was awesome live from his touring days. This new talent will be around for a long time.

  8. Robin F says:

    I think David Archuleta’s sessions was outstanding. I loved the songs on the album but seeing him performing with all the emotion he projects brings the songs home for me. Great job David

  9. Makenzie S says:

    David is really cool. Doesn’t it hurt his cheek muscles to smile so much? hahaha.

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