April Forrest Discusses Jada’s Radio Promo Tour

April Forrest of checked in with fans on the Boston girl group’s blog at MySpace (@jada) on Thursday (March 5), talking about their radio promo tour in support of ‘American Cowboy’. Forrest tells readers:

What’s up party people!? It’s ya girl April here just giving you a little shout out/update from JADA land. So as you may or may not know we just finished the 5th week of our radio promo tour for our single “American Cowboy”! This week was especially fun. :) So much went down!

First we hit up Pittsburgh and chilled with our boys Kobe and Flick at WBZW along with some other great people at the station. They were so great, they had an entire performance set up for us with cool stools, lighting, mics and not to mention a complete display of the pimpest sandwiches I’ve ever seen! We sang, did our Thing and made some great friends! (I also grabbed Kobe’s butt by accident when we were taking pictures…oops haha)

Then… Since it WAS Fat Tues and all (Mardi Gras), we couldn’t just stay in could we? Nope. We had a great day with our new friends Scottro and Alex over at WKST (KISS). Scottro asked us all to be his late and presented each of us with an 8×10 photo of himself making a kissing face (haha). After a great dinner with the guys, later that night we went to a local club in Pittsburgh and partied it up a little bit. Since we had only gotten 2 hrs of sleep the previous night (had a 7am flight…..ehem) we only stayed out until about 12am then back to the hotel for some shut eye. Thanks for a great time you party animals!

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