Aqualung: Tour Was Surprisingly Enjoyable

Aqualung’s Matt Hales checked in with fans on his blog at MySpace (@aqualung) on Friday (May 28), discussing a brief trip away from London, how his recent tour went, the opening of The All New AquaShop, and the UK release of ‘Magnetic North’ in July. The English singer songwriter tells readers:

I recently left London for an adventure in the sun, and soon we’re heading back to see how London has got on without us. Going away for a bit has helped us see how we really feel about Home. It’s been illuminating…

On a smaller scale I recently went Away on Tour. Some of you came out to the shows for which I thank you – we had a pretty lovely time didn’t we? I mean, the singer could have learned his lyrics a bit better but on the whole… I liked meeting you/seeing you again and hearing your stories. There were a surprising number of unborn children at the shows (I wonder what they made of it…?) and and even more surprising number of Born children who mostly seemed to be asleep. I tried not to be offended…

Anyhoo. It was surprisingly enjoyable and I may do more.

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