Are Britney And Kevin Really Ready For Marriage?

Marriage is a beautiful thing. It’s not an institution based on one believe, it’s based on many beliefs that revolves around the lovers views on what makes them happy. It’s a commitment, and it’s a commitment that can only work if there’s a complete and realistic understanding of what they want in the marriage and how they’re going to financially and emotionally make a home for their future children and for themselves if they decide not to have any. And for that to happen, you have to actually know the person, and I think that neither Britney Spears or Kevin Federline know each other that much to even know what they’re actually looking for in marriage.

Are they getting married because they want children? Because they are just in love and they want to prove to the world that they will work? Because they want to live together and support each other equally with each other’s money? Because they want to settle down and be committed to one another for the rest of their life? That’s the thing that people don’t seem to ever think or talk about, when it should be something they should talk about before even being engaged!

When people think of marriage, they think of the wedding, the honeymoon, and of sex, when in reality marriage isn’t all sweet and golden like the first few months of honeymoon bliss. From the looks of it, it does seem that Kevin and Britney are in love, and that’s great, but when I read that Britney looks at her wedding ring and thinks “how cool” and that Kevin seems to be floating in space while Britney is tagging him along like a puppy just makes me think that at this stage of their relationship its nothing more than just love and being eager with the thought of being married.

Are they being realistic? Who knows, but in my opinion I don’t think this marriage will last. Look at what happened to and Cris Judd, Britney’s relationship with Kevin reminds me of the same thing. I think Kevin is too dependent on Britney (and her fame and money) to make a good husband that will play an independent role in the marriage. Kevin is pretty much Britney’s shadow, and that seems to be a little sign that this marriage will be more difficult than most marriages just for the fact that Britney will be more in control than Kevin, and that Kevin will be laying back watching VH1’s ‘I Love The 90’s’ while eating boxes of Oreos as Britney is the one that will have more responsibilities in making things stable financially, since obviously she’s going to be the one to make most money.

I’m not saying that the man and woman have to both be filthy rich, but to be on the safe side both couples should at least have a stable job or career so that they can rely on each other to pay the bills, etc. etc. Marriage is not only a love thing, it also deals with a lot of financial and emotional stuff, which is why it takes two mature people to actually PLAN what they want and hope to achieve as a goal in the marriage before even seriously thinking about it. I doubt that Britney and Kevin have, they seem to be rushing just for the sake of proving that they’re in love, which is not a real reason to get married, yet alone a reason or excuse to get married so quickly.

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