Are James Morrison And Chris Martin The Same Person?

James Morrison poses next to a photo of his lookalike, Chris Martin of ColdplayColdplay frontman Chris Martin and are never seen in the same room at the same time. ITN asked Morrison to tell the truth – is he really Chris Martin?

“I can see why,” James admitted of the comparisons, “because I do see it myself. I think it must be his big conk nose and his bouffant hair. You know what, he probably uses a little bit of lip balm. He’s got more of a man jaw than me.”

James added, “Apparently he gets people thinking he’s me, so it’s an even keel on the annoying thing.”

As for a swap for the night, he said, “I reckon I could do the dance. I could do that. I could try and play piano. I’d probably mess up his career a bit.”

Watch the interview below.

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