Are We Not Entertained?

Malcolm X Abram of the Acron Beacon Journal previewed Britney Spears’ show at the Gund Arena in Cleveland Thursday night. Abram writes of Spears’ new image: “It’s the new Britney and all of those adult subjects are only part of the grown-up Spears. Like Christina Aguilera, yet another former Mouseketeer who shook her teen pop queen image to become an adult neo-diva, ‘maturation’ for young women in pop music seems to mean dressing scantily and bumping and grinding at nearly every opportunity. Interestingly, Aguilera, who is a talented singer with the fashion sense of a well-financed streetwalker, often gets tagged a ‘skank’ while Spears, whose talent lies almost entirely in her looks, moves and willingness to use both to generate money, merely gets tagged racy or controversial. Aguilera also has yet to marry a friend on a whim only to sober up and change her mind several hours later.”

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