Ariel Moore Photoshoot With Sister & Caitlin Mulvey

Episode one of Gimme Moore TV features former member doing a photo shoot with her sister Alexandria and actress Caitlin Mulvey in Burbank.

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9 thoughts on “Ariel Moore Photoshoot With Sister & Caitlin Mulvey

  1. Mickey says:

    This is so awesome. Where are the pics?? I can’t wait.

  2. KiKi says:

    AWESOME! Love the video she looks gorgeous :) Can’t wait for the pics! you go girl!

  3. Jonna says:

    Caitlin is beautiful, and extremely entertaining, I am a huge fan. Ariel looks a bit like a drag though but still looks cute and her sister is adorable

  4. Ruby says:

    Why is Caitlin doing all the talking if it is Ariel’s show? Ariel didn’t say one word! It may as well be Caitlin’s show? She is way funnier than any of them and so pretty!

  5. Lyela says:

    Awesome video =) Caitlin is stunning and Ariel and Alex are both pretty can’t wait to see the pics

    Lyela xx

  6. Shasta says:

    Ariel look like a drag? NEVER!! geez get your eyes checked lol! She’s the best looking one of the bunch :) GORGEOUS! I love Ariel’s personality she’s so sweet & funny! Her friend is ok…but Ariel is DEFINITELY the show piece of these videos I could watch her all day!

  7. Roxy says:

    Ok I wouldn’t take it to the extreme that she looks drag but she isn’t the prettiest of the bunch her sister and Kaitlin are beautiful
    & just a quick question how could Ariel be the show piece when she doesn’t say a word? I agree with Ruby on that one lol she’s boring
    but I still like her as a singer
    Where is the photo’s? They still aren’t up!

  8. Shasta says:

    Ariel was the center piece, she’s freaking amazingly gorgeous, and excuse me she talked during the whole video! I’m sure the pictures will come out when THEY are ready to release them. BTW Popdirt needs to do a little something about people posting multiple things under the same IP address.. its annoying that the same person can get on here under different names and diss people like that its not right…and they know who they are

  9. Mickey says:

    Oh My Gosh !!! I so agree with you . How embarrassing ,, like we can’t figure it out.. Pop Dirt put these up so people can look at them and enjoy them. I love Ariel and I think the people that are trying to hurt her need to back off..

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