Arista Drops Blake Lewis

‘American Idol’ season six runner-up checked in with fans on his blog at MySpace (@blakelewis) on Wednesday (June 25). The Bothell beatboxer writes:

I planned for Wednesday to be my day to rehearse for tonight’s Canal Room show, cause we were leaving on Thurs. to play Vegas. Ring, ring, ring went the phone. Iain my manager baring the news. Arista isn’t picking up the second option. Meaning, I’m not doing another record with them. I’m totally fine with this… I was just wishing they would have put the word out to me over the last couple months, because lets face it… Waiting SUCKS!!!! I could have known this 2 months ago, when all of RCA was going through their changes. Oh well. I guess the right time was now. No biggy. I’m still with 19 Recordings and I got a tour and new record on the way. Now I’ll I need is a home for my music. Some place warm and tropical… seriously though… Got to be a place where they actually respect my craft and electronic music. Getting RCA to do remixes for my record was like pulling teeth AND I had friends do the mixes for next to nothing. They turned out great and are rising on the Billboard charts. ‘How Many Words’ is in the top 40. HOLY SH**!!!! its currently 29. So freaking pumped. People been shakin there booties to some electro Brake.. hehe Thanks to all the DJs playing my song. Lovin you right now!

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