Artists’ Failed Reinventions

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Reinvention has been done by a lot of artists nowadays in order to refresh their image or rejuvenate their ailing careers. Some artists have been successful and some have failed miserably. Probably there isn’t a single artist out there who really mastered reinvention but this hasn’t prevented newer artists to brave new territories to seek greater success.

3. LeAnn Rimes Reinvention. Her un-called for image reinvention was so drastic that she truly made her ‘county’ folks turn away-image wise & music wise. Her transformation was from this decently dressed country chick diva to a voluptuous ‘Pop-Country’ songstress.

Certainly Shania did the ‘Sexy’ image (without turning-off her folk) but note that Shania came out like this early in her career. LeAnn’s change was shockingly sudden that it made her look ‘sleazy’-something that’s outlawed in the ‘Wild’ west’s music dictionary.

2. Britney’s RnB reinvention. Baby One More Time was pop & so was Oops…yet why on earth did this “Princess of Pop” traded her early found success for a shot to be RnB Princess? No one knows for sure but by trading her trademark pop-sassiness to ride the RnB ‘thing’ she confused her devoted fan base & made her look ‘unwarrantably’ desperate.

For the 1st time Britney produced an album that had a predominantly RnB feeling in it but this didn’t bring Britney’s album nor singles to the ‘crest’ like her previous pop ones. Her two previous albums were both certified diamond but this self-titled album was a relative failure by Brit’s standard (4.75m only).

In addition to this none of her singles even reached the Top 20. Her 4th studio album “In The Zone” failed to persuade fans back to her fold but the success of her ‘Pop Flavored’ tune ‘Toxic'(#9 based on airplay only) was enough proof that Brit truly make this early mistake of jumping to the RnB bandwagon.

1. Rob Thomas’ Pop Dude reinvention-Yes, his album went to no.1 in the Billboard Charts & yes his first single also went to the ‘Top 10’ but this isn’t the whole story for Mr. Matchbox 20. Why did I choose him as the artist with the worse reinvention?

First of all, when he transformed himself from the ‘cool’-free spirited rock star to the evidently inspired ‘Pop Hunk’ he has alienated a whole fan-base who were so instrumental in the success of the band in the 1st place.

Secondly, & the funny thing about this is that he really didn’t need to undergo such a radical change in image. Note that Matchbox 20 was still rocking the charts before Rob decided for a solo. Thus, after his relatively successful 1st single ‘Lonely No More’, subsequent releases bombed & this dragged his album down the charts in no time.

These are only some of the ‘misfortunate’ artists who risked for reinvention but unfortunately failed. They sought innovation but they ended up bruising their careers forever; whether they will come back strongly in 2006 is still to be seen but for now there is still hope for them & others. They just have to look back at the year 2005 & probably get clues on how some great artists made their “Big Comeback”.

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