Ashlee A Diva Already And Bonnie McKee Turned Down By Joe?!

Contributed Anonymously:

This is just a rumor being spread, so I have no way of actually knowing if it’s true. However, this is being reported by some people that were part of one of the high school bands that played during Ashlee Simpson’s Orange Bowl performance. Anyways, it was said that Ashley actually wanted to lip-synch but they wouldn’t allow her to because of all the backlash she received after SNL. Since they had to re-arrange some of the lyrics, she kept forgetting them during rehearsals and kept saying “Someone feed me my lyrics! Just feed me the lyrics!” She was very demanding. She also reportedly kept saying, “Wardrobe people, on stage NOW!” Someone did meet her mother, Tina, in the bathroom though and they said she was very friendly. The whole Simpson clan was there with Ashley that day. Last but certainly not least, is reporting that Joe Simpson did not allow her to be the opening act for Ashlee’s upcoming tour. The up and coming pop star stated that Joe was afraid she would steal the show and/or spotlight. Interesting!

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