Ashlee, Lindsay, Hilary And Britney Aren’t The Only Guilty Lip-Synchers

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Let’s face it, ladies and gents, the music industry has its fair share of lip-synchers and (surprise) Ashlee Simpson, Britney Spears, Hilary Duff and Lindsay Lohan are not the only ones who exercise it. For some reason, the four ladies mentioned above have become the poster children for this somewhat expected form of performing and while I don’t feel sorry for them or want to cry them a river, I can’t help but be annoyed that others are getting away with it scott free.

It seems to be acceptable for Beyonce and her group Destiny’s Child to lip-synch every performance of their hit single “Lose My Breath” simply because they’re known for their vocal chops. Is it just me or doesn’t that make it more offensive? I’m more angry seeing people who can sing lip-synch, rather than those who have minimal talent and do it.

People should be booing them when they receive an award and writing articles about how much of a fraud they are, too. What makes it ok for a good singer to do it? That’s like saying it’s alright for a college graduate to rob a bank because he’s well-educated and comes from a big family, but God forbid a high school dropout from the slums of Chicago rob one – that would be criminal behavior. Newsflash: both of them would be equally guilty.

Another person who seems to get away with lip-synching on many occasions is Usher – yes, USHER. He’s lip-synched at almost 75% of the award shows he’s been to this year and that’s ok because he’s a good singer, right? Wrong. It’s not ok. Lip-synching is lip-synching, regardless of who’s doing it and it should be held against anyone who does it, not just or Britney Spears. Perhaps, there is a clear double standard between R&B artists who do it and Pop artists who do it – but if you ask me, it’s not right, regardless of what genre of music you belong to.

I realize that the people with weak voices are the first to be targeted for lip-synching, and they deserve it, but they’re not the only ones. People wanted to crucify because she got caught – but I’ve caught many others with my own eyes, too, and a lip-synching malfunction wasn’t necessary for me to know it.

You know it’s a sad world when you have fans pointing the finger at Ashlee Simpson and laughing, when Spears has lip-synched more times than the average human being can count. If you’re going to laugh, laugh at them all. It’s embarrassing in every way.

They’re ALL guilty. And the talented ones who do it should get even more crap than the no-talents because they know better – they should be above that. I fear the day we see Norah Jones lip-synching and people saying, “That’s alright. She plays piano, she’s talented and we already know she can sing.”

Sorry, but it’s NEVER alright.

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One thought on “Ashlee, Lindsay, Hilary And Britney Aren’t The Only Guilty Lip-Synchers

  1. daan says:

    well said! actually I like Hilary Duff’s music, its really well made, I know she doesn’t sing an entire song live, ever, like 4 or 5 sentences in a song and that’s pretty much her. she doesn’t sing live and that’s ok ’cause I really don’t want to hear her real voice xD.

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