Ashlee Simpson And Ryan Cabrera Still Stay In Contact

Though recently broke up with her musical boyfriend Ryan Cabrera, he tells Us Weekly they still keep in touch. “We try to talk as much as we can,” Cabrera said. “It’s not like we don’t like each other. We just don’t have the time and we’re both doing music stuff.” But his thoughts may change after a source told Us Ashlee and her guitarist Ray Brady “were making out” on a Delta flight from New York City to Los Angeles on August 6th. Ashlee’s father Joe Simpson, who was on the plane at the time, denied the kissing claim.

Keeps Her Great Rack Under Wraps

In an interview with Blender magazine, hyped her chest, but she won’t be flashing anytime soon. “I know exactly what’s under this T-shirt,” she said while pulling at the neck and peering down her top, “but I’m going to keep in under wraps. Maybe I’ll take a few pictures of myself, because I have to tell you, I do have great tits! I am 19, after all. I’ll take some pictures now to show them to my future husband. ‘See’, I’ll tell him, ‘I did have a great rack once!'”

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8 thoughts on “Ashlee Simpson And Ryan Cabrera Still Stay In Contact

  1. Comics says:

    She’s not pretty and even if she tried, she would never have any sexual appeal so’, ‘sorry Ash we don’t wanna see your rack.

  2. XxmissyxX says:

    once again..Jessica is still the better one.. because have y’all seen HER rack? its huge. Ashlee’s is so miniscule in comparison. tee hee. but anyhow, has anyone seen Ashlee’s ads for SKETCHERS?! well hello…….her BOOBs are pooping out! tsk tsk Ashlee…you skank

  3. popmaster167 says:

    Lol, whatever. Some people have no decency when it comes to interviews, don’t they know that what they say is going to be made public?!! I guess Ashley’s still learning that, lol.

  4. Meggz75 says:

    LOL@ her! She cracks me up! I just adore her :) Speaking as a woman who thinks highly of her ‘rack’ as well, I don’t blame her for bragging; some people just have bragging rights lol’

  5. hilaryfan129 says:

    I think that was WAY too much information and what happened to her “christian” values? It’s so hypocritical….and her mom and dad don’t seem to care about what she says or does, even though her dad’s a minister. I just think she should show a little decency. Oh, and about the “popeye chin” that was funny…lol, I never looked at it in that way before! But I think her and Jessica both are cool, but they should just think before they speak!

  6. Meggz75 says:

    No offense to anyone here but y’all need to lighten up around here. Everything that is posted you take so serious and take offense to. LOL Get out some, it will do you some good. Ashlee is a sweet, fun-loving woman, I am sorry that is hell for you :P

  7. seismic_retrofit says:

    NO KIDDING, lighten up, people. When Janet whipped her out at the Superbowl, you all’, ‘were saying, “It’s just a breast, no big deal! Prudish Americans!” So Ashlee just makes a joke about hers but keeps them under wraps, and you’re getting your undies in a bundle? Sheesh. LIGHTEN UP.

  8. rhiannon252 says:

    Well, it’s not like she can talk about being talented, I’m sure she has no political opinions …she’s pretty dumb so it doesn’t shock me that the only thing she can speak about are her boobs.

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