Ashlee Simpson Discusses ‘SNL’ Gaffe On ‘Today’

Ashlee Simpson interviewed on 'Today' after her 'SNL' gaffe talked with ‘Today’ host Katie Couric about her now infamous ‘Saturday Night Live’ performance, and how she is handling the backlash.

Ashlee explained, “I was singing with the track, like on the first one I was singing along with the track, but my voice wasn’t strong enough to hold up the song alone, because I would have like, my dad was the one who was like, ‘Honey, you have to put (the backing track on)… you’re gonna ruin your vocal cords if you sing on them like this’.”

Asked about the backing track, she said, “I had never done it before, so of course the first time I do it it becomes this massive deal and it was something I honestly couldn’t control. My drummer, who I love and adore, accidentally pressed the wrong button and didn’t set up the next song.”

As for whether the drummer was still employed, she said, “Yeah he is. I love him. Everybody makes mistakes.”

Asked about her reaction, she said, “It was definitely upsetting and mortifying. What was so upsetting was I get comments now like I’m Milli Vanilli or something. I write all my own music and I perform all of my own music from my heart and I’m always, always singing on any show I’ve ever done. This is a situation where I was in trouble with my voice and we have, even in the rehearsal, I was singing and all of the sudden like I’m holding my throat. It was very unfortunate. What’s even more unfortunate is I’m being compared to that, when there’s artists even at the award show I did last night, had backing tracks. I was like, ‘People! Listen to this! Your favorite artist is doing this!'”

Watch the interview below.

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