Ashlee Simpson Embarrassed On ‘SNL’

Ashlee Simpson was met with a shock when she began to “perform” the second song on last night’s ‘Saturday Night Live’. Apparently a mix-up in the sound room started piping in lip-synched audio from ‘Pieces Of Me’. While that might not be unusual in today’s pop music world, she had already performed ‘Pieces Of Me’ earlier in the program.

The band stood their dumbfounded and began jamming to ‘Pieces Of Me’ for a second time, while Ashlee attempted a lame version of a “hoedown” before walking off the stage leaving her band alone on stage. During closing credits, the less than gracious Simpson proceeded to blame her band for playing the wrong song, refusing to admit she lip-synched ‘Pieces Of Me’ the first time around and couldn’t perform whatever the second single would be live due to the technical problem in the sound booth.

Simpson’s first performance employed the ‘ lip-synching method’ of shoving the microphone directly up against her mouth and surrounding the fat mic head with both her hands.

Watch the “performance” at YouTube.

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10 thoughts on “Ashlee Simpson Embarrassed On ‘SNL’

  1. XxmissyxX says:

    gosh…that was a fast post. SNL just ended. heh…anyhow, I’m glad I recorded that part because I thought it was HILARIOUS. I meant to record hottie JUDE LAW, but ah, I couldn’t miss the chance to record what is possibly the most embarrassing moment of Ashlee’s career. CLASSIC! =) yah I notice she does shove the mic to her mouth like she’s gonna eat that sucka! its annoying…SHE’s annoying. that damn “hoe down” dance was ultra annoying. I mean..she could have sang *pieces of me* again..and apologized for THAT. haha…her guitarists were all like “wtf??!” I loved it. IT was quite possibly the best screw up I’ve ever seen on SNL. tee hee! ok ok…enuff about that.

  2. trongtn2002 says:

    Oh man, that is the worst slip up I’ve seen since Milli Vanilli! Ashlee totally deserves it. She can’t sing. She moans and groans, sighs and exhales way too heavily and has absolutely no credibility at all in the music biz anymore…not that she ever had any in the first place. Now she has no chance of proving herself. May she join the likes of Hoku, Mikaila and Stacie Orrico.

    I finally got to see the apology and explanation she gave at the end of the show. Saying her band started playing the wrong song is a horrendously bad excuse. For one, it makes the band look like idiot. And secondly, if the band was indeed playing the wrong song, they could’ve easily just switched over to the correct song. Oh but wait, if the singer doesn’t actually sing and they start playing the wrong vocals, then its a different story, right?

  3. AliciaMoore says:

    Reading this I felt kind of bad for the girl… until I got to the part that said she blamed her band.. that’s just wrong. Step up and take some responsibility girl! I mean the fact that she doesn’t sing live is pretty pathetic, but it’s not like she’s the only one…Britney, Hilary Duff etc. all lipsync.

  4. Brinn says:

    Because she did it early in her career and always believed she had a legit excuse ie. a cold, which in a singer’s world means they CAN’T sing. IMO cancel the gig if you have any self respect. But don’t think that Christina lippin about ten performances in her whole life can compare with the millions of lipped performances of Britney’s. Britney’s whole career is based on lip-syncing and airbrushing. I hate it when Christina lip-syncs, but luckily she hasn’t in years and I don’t believe she would again.

  5. XtinaAguilera says:

    Her people are scouring the Internet now. They took down the “SNL” thread from her website because over 550 posted criticizing her for blaming her band. Tactless. They then sent a hack to the SNL website to start a rumor that the drummer sabotaged her. It was obviously someone from her camp. Sad, sad.

  6. CanadianBSBFan says:

    Her little apology at the end for blaming her band was wrong besides the fact that it made no sense. And this explains why the band is so much louder than her vocals. First Reason why her apology makes no sense because any band will be able to change songs in a heart beat. Second reason you damn vocals started before you had a mic in your hand and when they continue to play the track your vocals did get lower BUT we could still hear her vocals. This is classic. You know Britney fans can make the argument that Britney lip synchs because she dances but what does Ashlee do, NOTHING!!!! You know she might have kind of killed her career not from lip synch but from blaming the booth. It would of been funny or classic if she apologies by saying I gave the wrong CD to the guys so I had to do a hoedown. And laughed about it, making it into a joke. Well she is a joke.

  7. Bob222 says:

    She wasn’t lip-synching. Before you respond, read the whole thing. Disclaimer: I had never heard an Ashlee Simpson song before SNL last night. I am not a fan. But here’s what happened, as best as I can determine after reviewing the recording (on TiVo; I record SNL every week): First song — Her voice sounds “double.” This is especially evident in the first few lines of the song. She completes the entire song. The “doubling” of her voice is the result of a vocal track playing through the sound system, that she’s singing along with. Second song — She’s obviously prepared to sing a different song, and her band is prepared for a different song. But the vocal track that comes up is the SAME song she did in the first performance. The band is obviously confused at first, not really playing anything. The first couple lines of the first song come over the PA, without Simpson having her microphone next to her mouth. Review of this section makes it obvious that it’s NOT the doubled-sounding voice from the first performance — it just sounds like one person singing. Then the vocal track fades away as the band decides to just play the song that was started — the same song they had performed earlier. Simpson is obviously thrown, doesn’t know what to do. She dances a little jig, and then walks off stage. At this point one of the guitar players hits an effects pedal, pumping up the distortion on his guitar, and the band continues on with an instrumental version of the song. The show cuts to commercial. Okay, so what does this mean? 1. She was not lip-synching. The doubled voice in the first performance makes this evident, supported by the fact that during the second performance when the microphone is away from her face, the vocals are “single.” 2. What she was doing was singing over the top of a recording of herself, to make her voice sound fuller, and possibly for other reasons. 3. At the end of the show, for any of a number of reasons, she blamed the band — when in fact the blame should rest with the sound man who cued up the wrong song for the second performance. Bob

  8. trongtn2002 says:

    I get the feeling her team was convincing her it wasn’t as bad as it was backstage after she walked off. I bet they were telling her that the vocals weren’t heard by the audience, it was turned down right away and no one noticed. Or that it was just played through her earpiece and no one else heard it but her. That would make more sense as to why she so stupidly blamed the band. In either case, may her career go the way of Milli Vanilli’s.

  9. PandaBear2003 says:

    You are SO correct, it was so apparent there was a doubling sound that I first attributed it to feedback from the microphone, but she probably did that because when she’s sang Pieces of me Live before her band drowns her out, last night I actually HEARD her throughout the song so singing over the vocals adds to the sound so you can hear her. And I betcha ANYTHING the person who screwed up was NOT anyone with SNL but DADDY DEAREST himself. Her voice sounded hoarse when she spoke at the end, he probably convinced her to keep the vocal tracks for the second performance in case it cut out totally on her thinking NO ONE would notice and since daddy knows everything she agreed, and then he hit the wrong button and played the wrong tract and HE single handedly destroyed her career.

  10. pinche-haters says:

    You hater act like this is the first time an artist has lipsynced. She is not obligated to sing live for every performance. Oh well she’s going to be making the big bucks and tabloid stories anyway. Your fatasses just like talking sh**. Your jealous of her for something minor as this…just wait till she’s on every magazine and tabloid you can think of, outselling that no-talent b!tch Britney who is in dire need of all the publicity she can now. While Britney is desperate for attention…trying to grasp all she can with her penniless fake husband…all Ashlee has to do is mess-up on a song and everyone talks about her minutes after the show was over. Giving her three times the attention Britney has gotten in a year. In her whole career maybe…or whats left of it. Now let’s all think for a moment…how many songs has that untalented waste of music space Britney has messed up on?…more than we can count. Now has she gotten this much attention because of it. The only big attention she gotten is thanks to Madonna and Christina. Without them she would be nothing. Oh wait…she is nothing.

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