Ashlee Simpson Gives Herself The Twice-Over

Star magazine reports that following the American Music Awards, was spotted at Hyde with Fall Out Boy squeeze Pete Wentz, where she took a bathroom break to check herself out in front of the mirror. A source said the singer appeared to be obsessing “with herself and her appearance and while talking to her friend. She never took her eyes off of herself.”

The story at has since been removed.

Feeling Fat

Life & Style reports that when went to the bathroom mirror to apply a bit of makeup during a visit to Hyde in Hollywood with Fall Out Boy boyfriend Pete Wentz on November 21st, the singer turned to her side, stared at her reflection, sucked in her stomach and sighed, “Ugh, I ate so much tonight. I feel so fat!” The mag’s letter in response at has since been removed.

Ashlee Simpson Canoodles With Married Man?

The New York Post reports married actor Taye Diggs was spotted “cheek to cheek” with Ashlee Simpson at G Spa last week. The pair drank tequila shots and were seen whispering up close and intertwining arms for a half hour. A rep for Ashlee, who is reportedly dating Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz, insisted the singer and Diggs are “just friends.”

Halloween With The Stars

Jay Leno joked during his Tonight Show monologue on Wednesday night, “But I tell you, I saw some very creative costumes this year. Did you see Nicole Richie? Great costume. She covered herself in sesame seeds, went as a bread stick. Yeah, I thought she looked fabulous. … And Ashlee Simpson, you see her? A great costume. She went to see her plastic surgeon, got her original nose, and then trick-or-treated as her old self. … Actually, one awkward moment at Madonna’s house, when she opened the door and saw one little kid that was so cute, she said to the parents, ‘Oh, he’s darling. How much you want for him?'”

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