Ashlee Simpson Hairdye Sparks Screensaver Interest

Mark Hughes, 39, “the buzzmeister” of screensavers and author of Got Buzz, credits Ashlee Simpson’s MTV show, her music video and her No. 1 hit as reasons she’s topping her sister Jessica Simpson as well as Britney Spears on downloads at “It’s a confluence of things,” he says. “She can actually sing; she has a little spunk.” And she’s a brunette. “Brunettes rule the blondes,” he says. “Ashlee dyed her hair dark brown; she’s the anti-pop. Pop is starting to go out of fashion.”

No Second Season On MTV For

tells the September issue of Blender magazine that like her sister Jessica Simpson, she won’t be doing another season of her MTV reality show. “This show will run for one season only,” Ashlee said. “Jessica may be happy having cameras in her life 24/7, but not me. It’s not natural; it ain’t healthy. I think a second series would drive me crazy.”

Ashlee Simpsons Ex

Contributed anonymously:

If you have been watching Ashlee’s Simpson’s show on MTV, you might have noticed a familiar face. Ashlee’s Ex boyfriend, Josh Henderson was on the WB show, ‘Popstars 2’, which was a singing competition a la ‘American Idol’. He eventually made it into the co-ed group, ‘Scene 23’. The group is now dismantled. Ashlee wrote the song ‘Unreachable’ about him and he is currently recording songs as a solo artist.

Busy Schedule Prompts Ashlee Simpson & Ryan Cabrera Breakup

A source tells The New York Post scheduling problems doomed the budding romance of and Ryan Cabrera. “They are both so busy with touring and promotion,” the source explained. “They looked at the calendar and realized that the next time they’d be able to get together is a year from now.”

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10 thoughts on “Ashlee Simpson Hairdye Sparks Screensaver Interest

  1. RhythmBndt says:

    Yeah..she’s a fake. Her sister can beat her ass any day & Ryan better find a new girlfriend because Ashlee doesn’t treat him right at all. The ungrateful little skank!

  2. KissablePrincess says:

    Sorry but over 55 million downloads and hair can not get you there. Plus I honestly do not think that you can judge some one from their 1st yr. out.

  3. broksnicegirl says:

    Since when is pop starting to go out of fashion? It went “out of fashion” a long time ago. It’s all r&b, rap, and rock now. And who cares if Ashlee’s hair is brown? This guy knows nothing.

  4. XxmissyxX says:

    hey anyone here remember barbie and her best friend Courtney?? hmm well I see Jessica as the perfect barbie doll and Ashlee as the lil brunette who is pretty but will never be as popular as barbie. lol. don’t ask.

  5. JLOVER101 says:

    That’s exactly what I’m saying. If anything she’s even more pop tan her sister, Brit’, ‘Xtina, and the rest of them. When I was growing up, POP meant POPULAR, thus the title pop. Right now this “punk” movement, is a lot more popular than bubblegum pop. Case in point, Michelle, Avril, Brooke, Ashlee, Hilary, etc……So she is VERY MUCH POP.

  6. ox-bo says:

    Witch Nosed B1tch!!!’, ‘That little witch-nosed b@tch is as pop as it gets. Just because she gets two dudes from Sugar Ray to write her songs, and climbs hill to find inspiration to pen her awful songs, doesn’t make her above it all. Calling it her pop is an insult to pop. She’s about as edgy as Alanis Morisette.

  7. Mista_Green says:

    Ashlee is a pretty young woman, but that black hair looks TERRIBLE on her! I mean, she appears almost dead when I C her…..her fashion is already kinda….yuk, but her hair color is out of this world wrong for her.

  8. HomieSaysYo says:

    Interesting…. that band was okay/terrible, I mean how do you have someone in the group who has stage fright? but I use to like some of their songs, anyway Eden’s Crush was good, wondered why they dismantled

  9. WaneInTheZone says:

    Whoa, I thought I remembered his face from somewhere. I was somewhat a fan of Scene23, They were such a fraud. But they had talented people in the group, The one guy who wrote ‘Respect me’ had skills. I remember the judges telling Josh he sounded too much like Justin Timberlake, So this should be interesting.

  10. skywalker says:

    are you people seriously high, or what? this is clearly this loser guy, whatever his nut is, getting on here trying to get his name out there. give me a break like I care if he wishes he could be somebody, because the truth is, he isn’t, and he’s probably never going to be. me and my friends simply refer to him as that ***** stick, and I suggest you all do the same to, because if it’s that easy to fool you than I bet your life is a real big *****in mess.

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