Ashlee Simpson: I Have Amazing Breasts

Jay Leno joked during his Tonight Show monologue on Wednesday night, “In a recent interview in Cosmo, says she has amazing breasts. This is what she said about it — she says, ‘They’re not too big, they’re not too small, they’re just perfect.’ And unlike her singing, they’re real.”

Dating ‘Jackass’ Star

A source tells Star magazine that Ashlee is dating ‘Jackass’ star Chris Raab. “She met him some time ago, but they first hooked up at the afterparty for one of the premieres for Jessica’s movie,” the source revealed. Raab was also at the ‘Saturday Night Live’ afterparty when Simpson performed on the show in October.

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2 thoughts on “Ashlee Simpson: I Have Amazing Breasts

  1. lilbrookiie says:

    I thought he got back together with that Russian mail order chick. that’s what they said on viva la bam. and btw raab himself is gross.

  2. ficklefan says:

    Those Simpson sister’s sure do love the Jackass guys. First, Jessica with Johnny and Bam, and Ryan. Now, Ashlee, I wonder who their mother is going to hookup with.

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