Ashlee Simpson Learns About Nick Carter Dating ‘Rumor’ reports Ashlee Simpson was interviewed at the Kiss radio station in Austin, Texas, and the DJs mentioned the rumor that Nick flirted with her. But like always, they stretched the truth a bit (that is, if it was really true, which we don’t know for sure). Here’s part of the interview.

DJ1: What about Nick Carter, or Carson Daly?
DJ2: We heard those two today. We heard —
ASHLEE: You heard I was dating Nick Carter?!
DJ2: Yeah.
DJ1: Yeah!
ASHLEE: Where’d you hear that from?
DJ1: That’s why he broke up with Paris Hilton, because he’s in love with you. You didn’t know?
ASHLEE: *laughing* No, I definitely didn’t know that!

Q&A With Ashlee And Jessica Simpson

Us Weekly profiled Jessica Simpson’s trouble at Nacional nightclub in Hollywood and also did a Q&A with the singer and her sister Ashlee Simpson. When Jessica was asked if she had given dating advice for her younger sis, Jessica responded, “I don’t have dating advice, because I’m the marrying type. Every guy that I dated, I wanted to marry.” And Ashlee responded, “I’m 19, I like to have fun and meet people. I don’t take anyone too seriously.”

Ashlee Simpson’s Scarring Embarrassing Moment

Ashlee Simpson revealed her most embarrassing moment in the June/July issue of Teen People magazine. “I have this massive scar on my knee because I fell leaving my friend’s house. I missed the steps, flew for, like, 20 feet and skidded on the concrete. There were a bunch of people standing around. I tried to act tough. I was like, ‘I’m fine!’ but my knee has a scar now.”

Fun Times For Ashlee Simpson

Ashlee Simpson posted a new message to fans on her official website Tuesday (May 4). She writes, “I’ve been having so much fun! I’ve had a couple of shows and I’m having the best time! Thanks to everyone that makes it out… and when I go on tour, hopefully I’ll be able to see everyone else in y’all’s cities! Just wanted to say hi.. Love, Ashlee.”

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