Ashlee Simpson Preps Debut Album For Next Summer

Ashlee Simpson tells Teen People that her look is always changing. The actress and singer said, “One day I’ll be into purple eye shadow, the next day I’ll just wear gloss and men’s clothes.” As for her music plans, the ‘7th Heaven’ star said, “I’m working on an album that should be out next summer,” adding “It’s got a punky vibe.”

Expect Fun Rock Music From Ashlee Simpson

Seventeen magazine caught up with Ashlee Simpson for a Q&A session and asked the actress about her plans to put out an album. “I do have a deal in the works,” Simpson revealed. “Expect fun rock music and moody ballads with a twist. I love writing my own songs, and performing them live will be amazing!”

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2 thoughts on “Ashlee Simpson Preps Debut Album For Next Summer

  1. Kizzardkid says:

    What is it with the sister’s of the pop stars? I can’t stand any of them, they all suck. Britney’s sister sucks, Jessica’s sister sucks, Beyonce’s sister sucks, Ashanti’s sister sucks, I pray that Christina Aguilera’s sister doesn’t try and do something like these wannabe are.

  2. SunChick says:

    I didn’t even know that this girl could supposedly sing. I seriously doubt that she has any talent whatsoever. Being the sister of someone who has a good voice does not mean you should whore yourself out, as well.

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