Ashlee Simpson Primed To Spark A Musical Movement

Us Weekly profiled stars’ sisters, including Jessica Simpson’s sister Ashlee Simpson. Asked about her debut album, which will be the focus of a new MTV reality show, Ashlee says, “I’ve always loved rock music. I went to ballet school and had orange hair. I’ve always been out there.” And Geffen president Jordan Schur, who is backing the effort, says, “She’s got the voice to spark a movement in music. She’s capable of writing songs that can be around in 10 years!”

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4 thoughts on “Ashlee Simpson Primed To Spark A Musical Movement

  1. babyface0192 says:

    i have heard a song she did its really good its nothing like Jessica songs I know some of you who will post on here will say ***** about her just because she Jessica sister yall should at least hear her music before you start to judge her

  2. PandaBear2003 says:

    Well I can tell you, and this is coming from someone you KNOW Can’t stand Jessica. I LIKE Ashlee. I LOVE her on 7th Heaven. SHE has the talent, Jessica DOES NOT. I’ve seen Ashlee dance, I know she went to that dance school that’s d.amn near impossible to get into and she can act. She can do two of the three so I believe she can sing. Now I MAY NOT like her music but that’s nothing against Ashlee that’s my taste. I don’t like Alicia Keys and feel she’s a remarkable talent.

  3. JLOVER101 says:

    Ashlee shouldn’t be judged for being Jess’s sister, even though I like Jess she should stay far from her sister. But, they shouldn’t have said that she has the voice to spark a movement in music, because then people are going to be expecting too much, and if she doesn’t deliver she’ll get crucified.

  4. angelM says:

    I heard her sing and its not the best voice, I can tell you that much. As long as you can carry a tune,anyone can have a musical career.

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