Ashlee Simpson Quizzed About ‘SNL’, Sister’s Boobs

Radio Music Awards host Carson Daly spoke with at the Las Vegas event on Monday night, and asked the singer about Jessica Simpson’s breasts and her lip-synching fiasco on ‘Saturday Night Live’. Read on for the brief transcript.

Carson: It has been — let me go here. It’s been all over the news you’re flying to the New York to do “The Today Show” tomorrow to talk about it. We have you here live exclusively, and, of course, I have to ask you the question. Are your sister’s boobs real?

Ashlee: Yes, they’re very real. That was a good question too. Thank you.

Carson: Good. And the “Saturday Night Live” thing. Must be driving you crazy. What happened?

Ashlee: I like that question better. Not “the Saturday Night Live” one, the boob one. It’s crazy, but you move on and whatever, you know. Things happen. I’m a human being. You know.

Carson: And you haven’t been feeling well, which people are just now saying something’s wrong with your throat.

Ashlee: I have severe acid reflux, and the day of “Saturday Night Live” I completely lost my voice. In the rehearsals, it was going great. And come four hours before the show, and I lost my voice.

Carson: Thank you for talking to us. Ashlee Simpson,

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