Ashlee Simpson Rejected By Married Taye Diggs

In Touch magazine reports that ‘Kevin Hill’ star Taye Diggs was hit on by Ashlee Simpson while out clubbing in New York, asking the actor on a date. Diggs politely told Jessica’s sister that he’s “very married” to Broadway actress Idina Menzel. “She loves guys,” a source said. “She told me Taye was like the hottest guy ever.”

Ashlee And Jessica Simpson At Ivy

Ashlee Simpson and Jessica Simpson were videotaped at Ivy restaurant in Los Angeles the other evening. Ashlee signed a few autographs while chatting on the phone before leaving with a female friend. Jessica then emerged with some pals, signed a few autographs, and left with a female friend.

Ashlee Simpson Joins Save The Music Thanks To Guarini

According to the Star magazine, Ashlee Simpson has joined Save the Music. When asked what made her want to join suddenly, Ashlee responded, “I just like, got a call from asking me if I wanted to join. He was my ‘American Idol’ crush way back in the first season, so I said yes. He’s really amazing.”

Ashlee Simpson’s Spitting Ritual

According to, Ashlee Simpson says she had an odd ritual before going onstage. “I have to have somebody spit on my hand and say ‘toy, toy’,” the 20-year-old singer explained. “It’s a German thing, I think. We won’t know (what it means). The first day of my tour we did it.”

Ashlee Simpson Spotted At Mall

Contributed anonymously:

Ashlee Simpson was spotted at a mall in North Carolina tonight. She was shopping in Hot Topic… going through the sales rack. When asked for a picture, she politely agreed but her bodyguard made it clear that it wasn’t going to happen. But she did sign a Tic-Tac pack and Pringles can.

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