Ashlee Simpson Riding Avril Lavigne Wave

Tina Simpson sent Jessica Simpson official forum moderator AJessFriend news that her other daughter, Ashlee, is also being positioned to catch the latest wave in pop music started by Avril Lavigne. AJessFriend writes, “She has been in the studio recording and writing songs. She is working with Sugar Ray’s drummer, Stan, who is one of the writers for Sugar Ray’s songs… she is doing punk/ska style music with a pop/rock flair… she has not signed to a label yet but she has 4 labels vying for her contract. Her music is very fun just like Ashlee!”

Lavigne Admits She Sucks At Skateboarding But It’s Fun

July 6, 2002 – chatted with about her hit video ‘Complicated’ that features her performing at a skate park. “I can ollie and sort of grind. I suck,” she admits. “But, I mean, I’m not pro. But I just like doing it. It’s fun.” Lavigne again rose on the album charts this week to a peak position of #4, having sold 112,000 copies of ‘Let Go’ last week.

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