Ashlee Simpson Thermasilk Ads

is the face of the latest Thermasilk ad campaign. Check out scans of Simpson’s print ads for the hair product company here.

Praised By Tour Opening Act

The diary on Pepper’s Ghost’s official website documents their role as opening act on Ashlee Simpson’s tour. A posting the day after their gig at Tower Theater in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania on Saturday (March 19) says, “What a homecoming, getting to play in front of 3000-odd people. The show went well (although we can’t wait until everyone in an audience that size knows our songs), and Ashlee was kind enough to let us run around like goons during her finale, ‘LaLa’. Evidence that she is cool and down-to-earth: Ashlee even came out to the Media Dive The Old State Tavern (A real hole in the wall, Pepper’s Ghost very own Cheers where everybody knows our name and they even have ‘Opening Night’ in the Juke Box) for a couple hours last night.”

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4 thoughts on “Ashlee Simpson Thermasilk Ads

  1. Cabati says:

    I’d call her a sell-out, but I’m pretty sure you have to be a legitimate artist in the first place in order to do that. Her hair does look really good though.

  2. notacluewat2callmyself says:

    she looks good I just don’t like the picture where half of her hair is straight and the other half is curly, it doesn’t look nice on her

  3. popfan_23 says:

    I like the ads, I like how they they fit her style into them, they are tasteful and just all around cool. I even like the clothes they fit the theme.

  4. DAWORD says:

    I wonder did Michelle Branch hooking up with Thermasilk on one of her past tours had any weight in Ashlee doing ads with them. It was the same way for John Shanks producing her album.

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