Ashlee Simpson Undergoes Nose Job

Jay Leno joked during his Tonight Show monologue on Monday night, “Jessica Simpson’s sister, Ashlee Simpson, has reportedly undergone a nose job. She got a nose job to get the bump — the small bump on her nose removed. You know, at first, doctors were concerned the operation might affect her singing voice, but no such luck.”

Ashlee Simpson Performing In West Palm Beach

Ashlee Simpson banned media from first stage performance with alleged new nose job. Video showed Ashlee performing at SunFest festival in West Palm Beach, Florida on Saturday (May 6). Her management banned all photographers and videographers from covering the hour long show but plenty of people snapped away at the singer’s sexy new look. Video footage at requires an account.

Ashlee Simpson Keeps Fit

Ashlee Simpson tells Elle magazine ballet dancing helps keep her backside toned. “My stage show keeps me pretty fit,” she said. “I also love the elliptical machine and I’ve just installed a ballet bar in my dance studio so I can start doing plies again. They kill you but they’re great for your butt!”

Marriage Isn’t On Ashlee Simpson’s Mind

Ashlee Simpson tells Teen People she has no plans to marry boyfriend Braxton Olita. “Marriage is definitely not on my mind,” the 21-year-old said. “Olita’s the yin to my yang. People call him my little Buddha. When he comes around, everything changes… I’m more peaceful and chilled out. I honestly couldn’t be more content. We live day-to-day.” She added: “There’s a lot of growing up you do in your 20s, and I definitely want to wait until my late 20s or 30s or whenever the time is right.”

Ashlee & Jessica Simpson No Longer Using Same Stylist

Ashlee Simpson is no longer working with stylist to the stars Jessica Pastor, and The New York Post hears its the singer’s mother Tina, who apparently isn’t a fan of Pastor, who pushed for the move. Pastor still is styling Jessica Simpson, because a spy explained that “Tina has no control over Jessica, who is asserting her independence.” A Simpson rep responded, “The Simpsons love Jessica Pastor. Tina and [Pastor] worked together twice this week at Jessica’s cover shoot, and at a Jessica Hair collection shoot.”

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  1. galleta says:

    This is so stupid, first papa Joe is accused of ruining his grown daughters marriage, now mama Tina is accused of manipulating Ashlee’s life…for goodness sake how many grown adults allow their parents to control them. This is stupid.

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