Ashlee Simpson’s Battle With Anorexia

In the upcoming issue of Cosmopolitan, Ashlee Simpson admits she battled anorexia when she was younger. “When I went to ballet school, I was around a lot of girls with eating disorders, and I actually had a minor one myself,” the singer said. “It was about six months of not eating too much at all. I was 11 and 5 feet 2 and about 70 pounds.” But she says it was her family’s help and support that pulled her out of it. “My parents stepped in and made me eat,” she says. “That really helped a lot.”

Ashlee Simpson Chats With WBLI

Ashlee Simpson was on the phone with Steve Harper and Big Randy of WBLI in Long Island — before the announcement her sister Jessica had split with Nick Lachey. Ashlee was in her hotel room in Atlantic City and they talked about the rumored incident where she almost burned the house down cooking popcorn, getting a tattoo, the McDonald’s incident in Toronto, and more. The 4 1/2 minute interview at has since been removed.

Ashlee Simpson: Jessica Is Doing Great, Not Dwelling On Split

Star magazine caught up with Ashlee Simpson and her boyfriend/bandmate Ray Brady in Texas, on their way to the airport, on Saturday (November 26). Asked about how her sister is doing in wake of the announcement she’s splitting up with husband Nick Lachey. “Jessica’s doing great,” Ashlee said. “We all had a good Thanksgiving, all the family was together and we had a wonderful time. We didn’t even talk about Jessica’s breakup from Nick; it wasn’t something we wanted to dwell on. Jessica’s happy and she’s absolutely fine. The only thing that stressed Jessica out was our grandparents’ worry over all the attention she’s getting. Jessica spent most of the holidays trying to reassure them that she’s OK and that everything is good.”

Ashlee Says ‘L.O..E.’ Video Will Be ‘Big’ & ‘Amazing’

In a brief interview with OK! magazine, Ashlee Simpson confirmed the second single off her sophomore album ‘I Am Me’ will be ‘L.O..E.’. Simpson says “the video is going to be really big and amazing.”

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4 thoughts on “Ashlee Simpson’s Battle With Anorexia

  1. WaneInTheZone says:

    That was actually a good decision on her part, considering it’s probably the best song on the album. It’s one I like too, it’s kind of a club record. It’s one of those songs that will be played reluctantly, and the crowd will react to it like “It’s Ashlee Simpson, Yuck. But it’s kind of hot, let’s dance”. It’s a total guilty pleasure.

  2. Hunglo says:

    No talent horse faced fake singing drunk will say ANYTHING she thinks will get somebody to give a crap about her. She was so bad on the Billboard Music Awards. Ryan cakked the “performance” with Pretty Ricky “Beat Box and Bull Dog”.

  3. lilsongwritergal says:

    ‘Good to see that someone was at least average height at 11. Honestly, you see this stars that are like 18 and like 5’2″ or 5’3″ and its just very unhealthy, I just think that if your the same height as a 11 year old it means you didn’t eat right or something, personally anything under 5’5″ is like is something wrong with you?

  4. Stacee says:

    So you are saying anyone under 5’5″ does not eat right? You should check facts…’, ‘Height is genetic, it doesn’t have to do with how you eat. I mean it could affect you, but that does not mean that just because you are short that you don’t know how to take care of yourself. That is ridiculous!

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