Ashley Cole Seeing Frankie Sandford On The Sly?

’s estranged husband Ashley has been enjoying the company of another girl group star, of The Saturdays, at least according to The Sun. Frankie had already been catching the abuse of McFly fans after her split with Dougie Poynter, and if this news has any merit, look for the backlash to grow. “Frankie and Ashley have met on a number of occasions over the last few weeks,” a source told the British tabloid. “They enjoy staying in watching films and eating takeaway Nandos. Ashley has found a good pal in Frankie, he really enjoys her company. She is fond of him as well.”

The tipster added, “Both are keen to keep the relationship under wraps. Frankie worries she could be portrayed as a scarlet woman if news of their friendship leaked.”

So far on Twitter, messages to Frankie have come in from followers who either don’t believe the news or are hoping she’ll deny it.

Update: Frankie (and Cheryl’s) PR just had this to say on Twitter:

The story about Frankie in The Sun today is not true. She has never met him. We cannot say anymore as we are taking legal action.

Update II: Frankie says on her Twitter:

Really upset and angry by the story in The Sun. Can’t believe they can just print something that’s not true. I’ve never even met the man

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4 thoughts on “Ashley Cole Seeing Frankie Sandford On The Sly?

  1. Emma says:

    Frankie is a nobody and will never take over from Cheryl Cole. The Saturdays are a rubbish Girls Aloud with no future!!! enjoy your 5 minutes of fame Frankie because it isn’t going to last. it probably is true because I hear she is cheap like that !!!

  2. casey says:

    She is a good singer and well pretty you are just jealous

  3. chelsea says:

    Cheryl Cole is well better than Frankie much more pretty and iya Cheryl love x

  4. Ashleigh says:

    I think that Frankie should get with Ashley as they would make a good couple

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