Ashley Tisdale AOL Sessions Behind The Scenes

Ashley Tisdale behind the scenes at AOL talking about pre-show ritualsAOL Music has some behind the scenes footage of for her live appearance at Sessions, where the ‘Aliens in the Attic’ star performed songs from her new album, ‘Guilty Pleasure’, and was interviewed by fans. The clip features Tisdale introducing her bandmates and talking about what she does before a show.

“Pre-show ritual? Usually I’m just in hair and makeup the entire time, and usually I’m just a little bit quiet, because I’m thinking a lot,” Tisdale said about what she does before hitting the stage. “Listen to music. Lady Gaga, Katy Perry. I don’t really tend to eat anything. If anything, I’ll have potato chips, it makes your throat really nice and crazy.”

“I love to perform in front of audiences. I’ve always loved to,” Ashley said. “I get a lot of energy from it. You always want to act like it’s in front of your fans. I make sure my band doesn’t get too lazy because they know they’re pre-taping, so (laughs).”

Check out the video below, and view the live Sessions set on July 28th at

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