Ashley Tisdale Doesn’t Do New Year’s Resolutions

Ashley Tisdale 'Happy New Year' video

wished everyone a Happy New Year and talks about her feelings on resolutions in a new YouTube video. “For me, I don’t really make any New Year’s resolutions anymore,” the singer and actress explained, “because I learned early on that when I did, I never really followed through with the resolution. For example, I was just beginning, I just had started working out, and I was doing pretty good at the gym, my New Year’s resolution is to keep going at the gym and just reach my goals. What happened was New Year’s happened, and I didn’t step foot in a gym for eight months after that.” Watch the message below.

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2 thoughts on “Ashley Tisdale Doesn’t Do New Year’s Resolutions

  1. mohamed says:

    why ?????

  2. mohamed says:

    no choice

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