Ashley Tisdale: I Don’t Consider Myself A Role Model

Ashley Tisdale

spoke with CBS News about her new album ‘Guilty Pleasure’, which she says is a reflection on where she is in her life. The ‘High School Musical’ star said she never thought she’d do an album, growing up watching on ‘TRL’ and doing music videos in her room. “The fact that kids or teenagers or girls look up to me, for who I am, that’s awesome,” Tisdale said. “Because I’m not trying to be anybody else. The fact that they like me for me, that’s definitely sweet and very cool. But I wouldn’t consider myself a role model. I never actually looked up to celebrities, I always looked up to my sister or my mom, because I just feel celebrities – they’re not perfect.” Ashley also talked about her new movie ‘Aliens in the Attic’. Watch it below the cut.

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