Ashley Tisdale Doesn’t Drink Or Smoke

Ashley Tisdale talks about her new album 'Headstrong', avoiding tabloids and her suprise to see big crowds greeting her on her mall tour‘The Early Show’ host Hannah Storm chatted with from ‘High School Musical 2’ about her burgeoning solo career and how it feels to not have to share the limelight. Tisdale then performed her new single ‘He Said She Said’.

“Through the process of making the album I definitely realized I was headstrong,” Tisdale said about the title of her new album ‘Headstrong’. On the personal tracks from the CD, she confessed, “There’s been a couple of break-ups. There’s been a couple of jealousy, high school, girls are jealous. I co-wrote three songs on the album that were definitely personal to me.”

Asked about being a 22-year-old that avoids the tabloids, she said, “I’m not perfect, I have to say. I’m just not someone who wants to be in the whole Hollywood tabloids. I’m not someone who wants to go clubbing. I don’t drink and I don’t smoke, so a lot of it has to do with that too.”

On big crowds coming to see her on a mall tour, Ashley confessed, “I just couldn’t believe it. I’m just not used to being by myself. I’m used to being in the group of six for ‘High School Musical’, so just seeing fans out to see me I’m like, ‘They’re here for me. That’s awesome.”

Watch the interview via below the cut (the performance has since been removed).

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